Our firm takes pride in its projects. Ai Design Group has developed a system where the design of building can accommodate the public and private realms in a unique vision. The firm has a diverse portfolio including areas for public meetings, urban design, retail, galleries, exhibition spaces, restaurants, commercial, corporate, education, industrial, mixed-use, group housing and private residences. We strive to create powerful and innovative design solutions to suit individual projects and clients. Each project is investigated thoroughly using schematic design and CAD drawings.
We can create life-like 3D models to improve understanding and conceptualization of the nature of a project and its evolution. These tools are used throughout the project in order to effectively communicate the outcome of decisions to you. Ai Design Group enjoys the support of a large team of local and international professionals, of diverse talents and considerable levels of Project Management, Engineering Design and Management, Quality Control and Management, Compliance Auditing, Construction Supervision and Financial skills, which we believe is the fundamental criteria for the successful delivery of every commission that we undertake.

Our company's strength is working with clients and their programs. Although every building solution has specific programming needs, we supply more than that simple solution, as our list of services illustrates. Through architecture and Construction, Ai Design Group seeks to express the culture of specific communities while linking them with the opportunities of the future. Our company is enriched by the challenges of different projects, allowing for synergy to inform and enrich our design.

Our Vision