Ai Design Group
offer multi-disciplinary consultancy services, and is the core of the various design organisations. Ai Design Group was formed nearly 10 years ago as a special design company. We are based in South Africa, from where we execute projects both nationally and internationally.

Ai Design Group was formed as a result of a merger between Arch Innovations Architects and Arte Property development.
The core of the company's has a diverse portfolio: Joe Malan has over 30 years of experience and is one of the most well known and innovative designers in South Africa. Johann le Roux has a diverse technical and graphic portfolio combined with architecture. Wouter Erasmus is a unique designer with over 16 years extensive experience in Architecture and construction. Through architecture and construction, our vision seeks to express the culture of specific communities while linking them with the opportunities of the future. Our company is enriched by the challenges of different projects, allowing for synergy to inform and enrich our design.